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Pan Am Costume 


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Pan Am Costume 

Written By: Lisa Ancarrow 


Iron (1) 

Sewing machine (1) 
needle, scissors, (1) 

I <} PARTS: 

Blue Fabric (1) 
White Fabric (1) 
• Gold button (1) 
White piping trim (1) 
White Gloves (1) 
Vintage Magazine (1) 
Fusible interfacing (1) 


I was excited this year to finally use my Pan American World Airways bag that I found at a 
thrift store 5 years ago. My Halloween costume is inpired by the Pan Am TV series that 
aired in early September. It was very easy to make from a standard pattern I purchased at a 
fabric store. Then I added a vintage Life magazine (I collect them), white gloves and a retro 
makeup look - so super easy. 

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Pan Am Costume 

Step 1 — Pan Am Costume 

• Lay out your pattern for the blazer and the skirt - cut out then sew your 2 basic pieces for 
the costume. For the white collar, I just used the same pattern piece and cut it out with the 
white fabric then attached it to the finished jacket - so easy! 

• Pattern for the hat and wing. 

Step 2 

• The hat: Cut out your fabric on the pattern - add the white trim on the outside of the hat. 
Sew 1/2" seam allowance for the pattern. When finished turn to the right side. 

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Pan Am Costume 

Step 3 

• Cut out your wing with the pattern on your blue fabric - add the white trim on the outside 
wing. Sew then turn right side out; iron. 

Step 4 

• Once finished add a gold button to 
your wing on the hat. 

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Pan Am Costume 

Step 5 

• You are almost done! Grab your vintage magazine and Pan Am travel bag, put on some 
retro-inspired makeup to finish the look and then you're ready to go!!!! 

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